My background is in residential childcare and support for families with children of all ages. I have worked for 25 years as a maternity coach and night nurse, specialising with reflux and allergy issues in infants so I work closely alongside paediatric consultants and dieticians. Even when recovered from digestive challenge, these children notoriously encounter sleep and food issues later on. I also mentor many of the girls going through the programme. When parents initially contact me with queries, questions and concerns, they often feel like they are failing in some way in the care of their little ones. I know that they are doing their very best, but may have become overwhelmed with various different advice and the many paths and choices they could take which makes it difficult to know where to turn next. Dealing with an uncomfortable and tired baby can be so distressing – digestive discomfort stops babies from being who they are meant to be and so enjoying their early little life. I see my task firstly as a listener, then as an enabler and facilitator, highlighting the direction parents could follow, re-assuring them that they will get there and there is light at the end of the tunnel. All through the process, I coach and address every concern along the way, as they occur, explaining why and when certain things happen, giving re-assurance when things don’t go to plan. I never leave my clients to manage on their own unless I feel they are confident enough. I use phone, email, Skype, Whatsapp and home visits to meet the family and of course the little ones. I am always available! A child that has learnt the sleep skills under the loving care of parents who feel secure in the choices they have made, is a significant accomplishment. Teaching babies to sleep is one of the most important parenting gifts you can bestow upon a child. Helen Hugh xxx


Natalie Helman, is a busy mum and a Hypnobirthing practitioner.

After becoming pregnant she wanted to look into holistic and alternative ways of healing and supporting her body through pregnancy, including acupuncture, reflexology before then discovering hypnobirthing. After doing a course locally with her husband, she was inspired to train and become a hypnobirthing practitioner herself. She loves supporting and empowering women through labour, birth and beyond. She is passionate about helping parents holistically, with hypnobirthing, giving them the tools to have the positive birth experience they deserve, however the baby may be born, and in whatever circumstances.

She teaches courses face to face in and around Hertfordshire and North London, or virtually both privately or in groups. She loves to dance and sing with her daughter Sienna, travel with her family, and loves fitness and wellness encompassing mind, body and soul.

Helen was very close with Natalie’s mum, Marilyn, who she sadly lost four years ago. Since then, Helen has helped and supported Natalie with her own daughter Sienna. They have become dear friends and now working together, supporting women and parents pre and postnatally with the services they both offer.

You do such amazing work Helen and I really think the next Mum that you take on as a client will be a very lucky lady.  You are a very special person.

Natalie Helman
The Nursery

The Nursery

We love each and every one of our babies. We are lucky enough to be sent precious videos and photos of their progress from mummies and daddies and we dote on all of them in the babylady team. This nursery section is for all the babies we are proud of and want to celebrate (we won’t publish anything without your permission of course!). We will be evolving this space for our clients to include unique babylady information on all our tips and tricks. Watch this space…

Baby of the month!

Sienna, eight months old, knows her mama 🙂


what parents say

It’s really difficult to put into words just how valuable Helen’s influence has been not only in our son’s life but also in ours. I/we believe that Helen’s true strength lies in her ability to give the parents their power back, Read More

David Williams

Helen was amazing on so many fronts. She has an instinctive ability with newborns, more akin to a ‘baby whisperer’ than a night nurse. She is fantastic, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you book her, you’ve struck gold.

Sally Biddulph with twins

When it came time to tackle our daughter’s waking, it was done in about a night! We were in hysterics at how easy she made it, so quick was the transformation from a whole night of waking to having a baby who slept through the night.

Greta and Dan Wallace

Her knowledge, experience, advice, tips – priceless. Thanks to Helen for spotting Sienna’s reflux and digestive problems right in the beginning and solving them. I don’t know how people have babies without Helen!

Jodie Codron

Helen is a baby sleep genius! I would recommend her to anyone. Helen you are a miracle worker! But do follow her rules because that is the only way it is going to work!

Pearlman Family

What was immediately striking was her warmth and personality and the special connection I saw her have with my first born. She instantly knew the extent of his reflux simply by holding him.

McDowall family

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