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The Baby Lady is known by parents as someone who’s more like a baby whisperer – she has an instinctive ability to connect with all her babies and then knows just what they need to be happy, healthy children.
Helen and her team support you with daily contact via whatsapp and on the phone offering invaluable tips, tricks and routines to help your baby feed, sleep and play happily. She is also a specialist in working with babies with digestive issues such as allergy and reflux. You name it, Helen’s seen and done it!

feeding support

In the beginning, it’s as if you are both learning to tango – you’re getting used to each other’s rhythm, style, likes and dislikes. We will work with you both to help get the right latch and spot any first signs of digestive issues. If breast feeding becomes a challenge then we help you navigate the world of formulas so you can choose the best and most appropriate one for your baby. We then choose the best bottles, teats, syringes and feeding equipment. We can guide you through how to stop breast feeding without causing discomfort and set routines for your child around feeding, sleeping and playing. Helen sets out a weaning plan for your baby that specifically chooses foods that start gently on the baby’s already sensitive stomach and outlines when these foods should be given and how. She has learnt this over 25 years of working with a renowned dietician on London’s Harley Street who also works closely with the gastro enterologist paediatricians at London’s Portland Hospital.


reflux and allergy advice and support

We can refer you to the best contacts in the gastro enterology field and we work closely with these paediatricians to ensure you are getting the right medicines including hypoallergenic formula. If you are new to infant digestive issues then navigating this world to help your baby is often daunting and exhausting. We support your journey from GP to gastro enterologist, to allergist to dietician and more by either accompanying you to paediatric visits or being there with you on the phone if you prefer. Once you have the right medical treatment, we are there for you every day to advise on administering the medicines, feeding positions and equipment, weaning, sleep training and practices.


play and development

From day one children need to learn, explore and interact with the world for their development. We fit play into our routines but in a way that doesn’t make them feel over or under stimulated. We have worked with children as old as five to help with potty training, food phobias, sleep disturbances and behaviour changes during life events such as a house move or change of school. Our aim is to contribute to a happy, harmonious household by providing you with recommendations for equipment, behaviour management and often, sleep.


sleep support

Once Helen is confident that your baby is comfortable.  she will give your baby (and you) the gift of sleep. Depending on your situation, Helen will use her various methods to ensure baby goes into a lovely deep, quality, sleep that restores the body and mind to allow for vital development both at night and daytime naps. Helen will draw upon sleep aids such as darkening the room your baby is sleeping in, ensuring the cot is set up appropriately, that baby has the right clothing and sometimes comforters or muslins. In some cases, Helen can offer a night nanny service to give parents a desperate rest. This can also provide an opportunity for Helen to better understand how comfortable or uncomfortable your baby might be, therefore enabling her to understand what the child really needs. ‘Rescue’ nights are also an option for night cover on a more adhoc basis. Helen says:

I often have parents ask me about my methods, telling me that they don’t want to use ‘Cry It Out.’ To be clear, that is a term that does not have a clear definition for many parents and professionals. It often refers to an ‘extinction’ method, which asks parents to put the child to bed and leave them until morning, so the child will ‘figure it out’ how to self soothe. Although this can be effective for some children, most parents are not comfortable with this method AND it is not what I recommend in my sleep plans. I will always work with parents to develop a plan that is as gentle as possible while still being effective and successful.

what parents say

It’s really difficult to put into words just how valuable Helen’s influence has been not only in our son’s life but also in ours. I/we believe that Helen’s true strength lies in her ability to give the parents their power back, Read More

David Williams

Helen was amazing on so many fronts. She has an instinctive ability with newborns, more akin to a ‘baby whisperer’ than a night nurse. She is fantastic, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you book her, you’ve struck gold.

Sally Biddulph with twins

When it came time to tackle our daughter’s waking, it was done in about a night! We were in hysterics at how easy she made it, so quick was the transformation from a whole night of waking to having a baby who slept through the night.

Greta and Dan Wallace

Her knowledge, experience, advice, tips – priceless. Thanks to Helen for spotting Sienna’s reflux and digestive problems right in the beginning and solving them. I don’t know how people have babies without Helen!

Jodie Codron

Helen is a baby sleep genius! I would recommend her to anyone. Helen you are a miracle worker! But do follow her rules because that is the only way it is going to work!

Pearlman Family

What was immediately striking was her warmth and personality and the special connection I saw her have with my first born. She instantly knew the extent of his reflux simply by holding him.

McDowall family

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